Maize Milling Process

Maize, or corn, is one of the most widely planted grains in the world. It is the main grain crop in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc. While other countries like America, China, and most African countries, harvest large quantity of corn or maize every year.

The maize can be processed into flour, grits, or even starch. The steps involved in maize milling process are:

Step 1: Maize Milling Process

This process involves various maize milling machinery, mainly for maize cleaning and flour milling. Automated corn flour processing not only reduces the cost of labour cost and energy consumption, but also ensures quality of the final products.

Step 2: Removing Impurities

Maize kernels are fed from the material inlet and the flow rate is controlled by a baffle. When the maize kernels are transported by the bucket elevator into the De-stoner, they first go through the fine sieve where the sand or other impurities smaller are removed and discharged from the tap hole. After fine sieving, maize kernels enter Coarse Screen to screen out impurities that are bigger than corn, for instance. At the same time, above the sieve, it relates to a fan. The function of Fan 1 is to suck those light impurities that are still mixed in the maize kernel are eliminated by the function of centrifugal sedimentation.

Step 3: Preliminary Breaking and Embryo selection

On the outlet of storage barrel, there is a baffle to adjust the discharging flow. When maize kernels get out, they will enter slag mill for preliminary breaking, so that some maize skin is separated from embryo. After which the broken maize is transferred by the elevator into Embryo Selection Machine. Inside it, the maize skin and embryo are separated and expelled from different outlets. At the same time, on the top of embryo selection machine, some light impurities are sucked out by Fan 2 while the embryos discharged from the outlet of selection machine are transferred by Suction Fan 3 into Maize Flour Mill 1. Those maize skins discharged from the selection machine and some broken embryos will be transferred into Maize Flour Mill 2.

Step 4: Finished Maize

The maize flour milled by maize flour mill machine are sucked by Suction Fan 3 and delivered into Double Bin Sieve 1 for sieving, and the maize flour that meet standards will be ejected by Suction Fan 4 for weighing and packaging.

The maize flour filled is now sucked by suction fan 3 and transferred into the Double Bin Sieve 1 for sieving. Once the maize flour meet the market quality standards, it will be ejected by Suction Fan 4 to be weighed and packaged. The rejected maize flour will be screened out from the Double Bin Sieve and is transferred by the Suction Fan 3 into the Flour Mill 3 for further grinding. Then, the discharged material is delivered by the Suction Fan 3 into the Double Bin Sieve 2 for sieving. the corn flour that meets market quality standards will be rejected by Fan 4. The maize that is below the standardized quality checks are transferred by Fan 3 into the Maize Flour Mill 4. After milling, maize flour is again transferred into Double Bin Sieve 2 for screening.

This intricate and tedious process is precisely what ensures premium quality maize across the world.